Our Vision is to provide an avenue for you as a coach/trainer, athlete, or fitness enthusiast to further develop and evolve. We do not sell the “Illusion of Fitness” that permeates this industry. If you want to get STRONGER, FASTER, BIGGER, FITTER you will have to work hard. But we will make sure that your hard work is not wasted. Not wasted on fad diets…silly machines…infomercial programs…etc.

The TNT-GoE provides an environment conducive to achieving each and every individual’s fitness goals. We support and encourage every person who trains here with truly NO JUDGEMENT! The TNT-GoE is a FAMILY, centered on the improvements of PHYSICAL CULTURE.

But be aware, we are not here to babysit and coddle you. We are not “rep counters” or “cheerleaders”. EVERY session has a purpose and is designed to reach your goals. We only want those individuals that are fully committed and are willing to sacrifice. Many people DO NOT have what it takes to fully dedicate themselves to achieving their dreams. If you are one of the few that IS READY, we are here to guide you.

This garage gym is “Where Strong Bodies are Built” and we have a “Respect for Performance”.


Phone: (505) 250-6580