General Fitness Enthusiast

If your “sport” is LIFE and you want to get the most out of it, look no further.

General fitness involves movement, flexibility, body weight strength, and general conditioning in order to make your life easier outside of the gym.

This program is for anyone that is looking to improve strength, body composition, and fitness levels.

The General Fitness program involves an initial movement/base strength evaluation in order to determine your starting level and then your program is built personally for your goals.

This program includes access to all HIIT and YOGA classes.


Powerlifting & Strength Sports

Our Powerlifting program is second to none and has been in development for over 15yrs.  The program prioritizes technique & form over weight lifted.  Once the technique is mastered, bar weight takes care of itself!

In this program, you WILL learn how to properly SQUAT, BENCH PRESS, and DEADLIFT and how to progress in each lift.  If you wish to compete you will learn the rules of powerlifting, how to taper, how to pick your openers and your following attempts.

If you are serious enough, you may be asked to join TEAM TNT POWERLIFTING!  We don’t necessarily want the strongest person.  We want the lifter that is dedicated, hardworking, and looking to compete for a long time.  Our team has both male & female lifters ranging in age from 7–70+ plus yrs.!!

TEAM TNT currently holds 200+ State Records and 24+ National Records and is coached by NASA’s (Natural Athlete Strength Association) 2016 Overall Athlete of the Year, Coach Torrez. Coach Torrez has competed for over 15 years DRUG-FREE and has the experience to take your lifts to the next level!

We are also growing and building our Strong(Wo)Man Group which is coached by the GoE’s first National Level Female Strongman competitor, Sonja Schofield. Equipment and new lifters are being added, so get in on it early!

Youth Development Program

This program is for youth ages 7-18 and includes both GENERAL FITNESS programming and strength & conditioning for SPORTS when applicable.

Our Youth Strength & Conditioning will develop many athletic attributes and cultivate a love for exercise that will continue into adulthood. Activities will include mobility, coordination, bodyweight strength, tumbling, sprinting/running, resistance training, and nutrition education.

For competitive youth athletes, we promise to:

  1. Build a base of bodyweight strength/movements to increase mobility, strength, and coordination,
  2. Add external resistance training to further improve strength,
  3. Transition “gym” strength to sports performance, and
  4. Build a strong off-season work ethic that will lead to team leadership, confidence, injury reduction, and sporting success during the season.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT Workouts provide numerous benefits over traditional “cardio”.

*HIIT training is TIME EFFICIENT.  You can burn just as many, if not more, calories in HALF the time as slow, long-duration cardio exercise.

*HIIT INCREASES post-exercise METABOLISM.  Your metabolism will remain ELEVATED for up to 2 HOURS post-interval training compared to long, continuous cardio.

*If you enjoy long-duration cardiovascular activities, such as longer runs & biking, HIIT will INCREASE your VO2 Max.  This will, in turn, carry over into those longer duration activities making you a better runner, biker, etc.

Check the Calendar and come give it a shot!  Your First Session is on us!