Supportive Programming

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT Training will indirectly help your STRENGTH goals by providing a base of general conditioning and fitness.  If your General Physical Conditioning is sufficient, you can train harder and recover more efficiently.

HIIT Workouts provide numerous benefits over traditional “cardio”.

HIIT training is TIME EFFICIENT.  You can burn just as many, if not more, calories in HALF the time as slow, long-duration cardio exercise.

HIIT INCREASES post-exercise METABOLISM.  Your metabolism will remain ELEVATED for up to 2 HOURS post-interval training compared to long, continuous cardio.

If you enjoy long-duration cardiovascular activities, such as longer runs & biking, HIIT will INCREASE your VO2 Max.  This will, in turn, carry over into those longer duration activities making you a better runner, biker, etc.

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Our YOGA program has been designed specifically as an aid to your chosen STRENGTH program.  It will aid recovery & restoration so you can continue to improve your strength.

Yoga is an integral component to overall strength. It works in conjunction with your strength training in many fundamental ways:

1) Yoga will sharpen your movement patterns and body awareness so that we can properly load those movements to improve STRENGTH.

2) Strength training teaches you to voluntarily CREATE TENSION.  Yoga teaches you to voluntarily RELEASE TENSION.  A balance between the two facilitates a healthy mind and body.

3) Yoga will also hone your ability to FOCUS & “BE IN THE MOMENT”.  This ability is what is termed “BEING IN THE ZONE” and can give you an edge on the field or on the platform.

“If I could go back and change one thing throughout high school & college football, it would have been to do YOGA, especially in-season.  My body would have performed better, with less injuries.”

-Coach Torrez


Coach Lara and Coach Torrez have worked together professionally for near a DECADE!  She is the ONLY resource that Coach Torrez recommends for nutrition guidance.

Check out her bio to learn more about her approach to healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Click Here

6 Week Guidance Program:

Coach Lara offers a special 6 Week Nutritional Guidance Program that includes the following:

-Two in-person meetings at the beginning and end of the 6 weeks.

-Discussion and planning to improve nutrition habits.

-Body measurements and body composition analysis, pre- and post.

-Weekly food log analysis report to provide feedback and guidance.

-This is offered ONLY to GoE members at a special rate!

3-Month Overhaul Program:

For those that need more in-depth guidance for a longer period, she offers a 3-Month Nutritional Overhaul Program that involves:

-Individualized Nutrition Counseling that teaches the client how to organize their day to maximize health, training regimen, and budget.

-Daily Coach Communication

-Bi-monthly, 15 min. meetings, to monitor progress and discuss relevant nutrition topics.

-Designed to facilitate learning and solidify healthy eating habits through a series of short term goals that keep clients focused, accountable & successful!

-Contact for rate.