Our Gym

We promise to provide individualized personal programming, with the highest quality coaching, combined with the benefits of a team/group atmosphere.

The TNT Garage of Excellence has been developing & growing over the course of 18 years.

Our philosophy & methods are in response to Coach Torrez’s observations of sub-par instruction at many levels of coaching. From personal trainers to strength coaches to sports coaches…he recognized a need for QUALITY instruction with NO BS & NO FLUFF.

We are unique in that we offer the highest level of coaching, formal education, & experience at our Albuquerque gym and we deliver it with personal programming in a group format.

Our Albuquerque Gym is a private Garage Gym and while we endeavor to provide the best for the individual, we seek members that are going to contribute and help our gym family grow.

TNT Gym is a family that does more than just train together.

Many activities take place outside of training at our Albuquerque gym including BBQ’s, Poker Games, Holiday Celebrations, and other group activities.

All these components contribute to adherence and consistency, which ultimately leads to a lifetime of healthy exercise!

TNT Gym is dedicated to you & all those that seek physical strength and fitness improvement through our powerlifting, coaching, and personal training.

TOGETHER, we can cut through the nonsense and start getting REAL RESULTS.

Phone: (505) 250-6580