Nutrition Program


Coach Lara and Coach Torrez have worked together professionally for near a DECADE!  She is the ONLY resource that Coach Torrez recommends for nutrition guidance.

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6 Week Guidance Program:

Coach Lara offers a special 6 Week Nutritional Guidance Program that includes the following:

-Two in-person meetings at the beginning and end of the 6 weeks.

-Discussion and planning to improve nutrition habits.

-Body measurements and body composition analysis, pre- and post.

-Weekly food log analysis report to provide feedback and guidance.

-This is offered ONLY to GoE members at a special rate!

3-Month Overhaul Program:

For those that need more in-depth guidance for a longer period, she offers a 3-Month Nutritional Overhaul Program that involves:

-Individualized Nutrition Counseling that teaches the client how to organize their day to maximize health, training regimen, and budget.

-Daily Coach Communication

-Bi-monthly, 15 min. meetings, to monitor progress and discuss relevant nutrition topics.

-Designed to facilitate learning and solidify healthy eating habits through a series of short term goals that keep clients focused, accountable & successful!

-Contact for rate.